[Numpy-discussion] Flag this message Re: [Matplotlib-users] Discussion with Guido van Rossum and (hopefully) core python-dev on scientific Python and Python3

Michiel de Hoon mjldehoon@yahoo....
Sun Feb 19 08:23:54 CST 2012

> While a number of scientific Python packages are already available for
> Python 3 (either in released form or in their master git branches),
> it's fair to say that there hasn't been a major transition of the
> scientific community to Python3.  Since there is no more development
> being done on the Python2 series, eventually we will all want to find
> ways to make this transition, and we think that this is an excellent
> time to engage the core python development team and consider ideas
> that would make Python3 generally a more appealing language for
> scientific work.

For scientific visualization, in particular for matplotlib, it would be really good if Python3 had event loop support. In Python2 extension modules such as Tkinter, PyGTK, PyQT each implement their own event loop, leading to incompatibilities. For reliable event handling, Python should be in charge of the event loop, rather than the extension modules. For comparison, see the event loop support provided by Tcl / Tk.


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