[Numpy-discussion] Proposed Roadmap Overview

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Sun Feb 19 09:48:04 CST 2012

Den 19.02.2012 10:28, skrev Mark Wiebe:
> Particular styles of using templates can cause this, yes. To properly 
> do this kind of advanced C++ library work, it's important to think 
> about the big-O notation behavior of your template instantiations, not 
> just the big-O notation of run-time. C++ templates have a 
> turing-complete language (which is said to be quite similar to 
> haskell, but spelled vastly different) running at compile time in 
> them. This is what gives template meta-programming in C++ great power, 
> but since templates weren't designed for this style of programming 
> originally, template meta-programming is not very easy.

The problem with metaprogramming is that we are doing manually the work 
that belongs to the compiler. Blitz++ was supposed to be a library that 
"thought like a compiler". But then compilers just got better. Today, it 
is no longer possible for a numerical library programmer to outsmart an 
optimizing C++ compiler. All metaprogramming can do today is produce 
error messages noone can understand. And the resulting code will often 
be slower because the compiler has less opportunities to do its work.


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