[Numpy-discussion] ndarray and lazy evaluation

Lluís xscript@gmx....
Mon Feb 20 13:57:44 CST 2012

James Bergstra writes:
> I should add that the biggest benefit of expressing things as compound
> expressions in this way is not in saving temporaries (though that is nice) it's
> being able to express enough computation work at a time that it offsets the time
> required to ship the arguments off to a GPU for evaluation!

Right, that's exacly what you need for an "external computation" to pay off.

Just out of curiosity (feel free to respond with a RTFM or a RTFP :)), do you
support any of these? (sorry for the made-up names)

* automatic transfer double-buffering

* automatic problem partitioning into domains (e.g., multiple GPUs; even better
  if also supports nodes - MPI -)

* point-specific computations (e.g., code dependant on the thread id, although
  this can also be expressed in other ways, like index ranges)

* point-relative computations (the most common would be a stencil)

If you have all of them, then I'd say the project has a huge potential for total
world dominance :)


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