[Numpy-discussion] np.longlong casts to int

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Wed Feb 22 16:47:46 CST 2012


I was gaily using np.longlong for casting to the highest available
float type when I noticed this:

In [4]: np.array([2.1], dtype=np.longlong)
Out[4]: array([2], dtype=int64)


In [5]: np.array([2.1], dtype=np.float128)
Out[5]: array([ 2.1], dtype=float128)

This on OSX snow leopard numpies 1.2 .1 -> current devel and OSX tiger
PPC recent devel.

I had the impression that np.float128 and np.longlong would be
identical in behavior - but I guess not?



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