[Numpy-discussion] np.longlong casts to int

Pierre Haessig pierre.haessig@crans....
Thu Feb 23 13:56:50 CST 2012

Le 23/02/2012 20:08, Mark Wiebe a écrit :
> +1, I think it's good for its name to correspond to the name in C/C++,
> so that when people search for information on it they will find the
> relevant information more easily. With a bunch of NumPy-specific
> aliases, it just creates more hassle for everybody.
I don't fully agree.

First, this assumes that people were "C-educated", at least a bit. I got
some C education, but I spent most of my scientific programming time
sitting in front of Python, Matlab, and a bit of R (in that order). In
this context, double, floats, long  and short are all esoteric incantation.
Second the C/C++ names are very unprecise with regards to their memory
content, and sometimes platform dependent. On the other "float64" is
very informative.

Also, how do these name scale with extended precision (where it's
available... ;-) ) ? I wonder what may come after longdoulble/longfloat
: what about hyperlongsuperfancyextendeddoublefloat ? I feel float1024
simpler ;-)

Now, because of all the specifities you described, this seems to be a
complex topic. I guess that good & documented aliases help people
understand this very complexity.


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