[Numpy-discussion] Possible roadmap addendum: building better text file readers

Pierre Haessig pierre.haessig@crans....
Thu Feb 23 16:21:28 CST 2012

Le 23/02/2012 22:38, Benjamin Root a écrit :
> labmate/officemate/advisor is using Excel...
... or an industrial partner with its windows-based software that can
export (when it works) some very nice field data from a proprietary
Honeywell data logger.

CSV data is better than no data ! (and better than XLS data !)

About the *big* data aspect of Gael's question, this reminds me a
software project saying [1] that I would distort the following way :
'' Q : How does a CSV data file get to be a million line long ?
  A : One line at a time ! ''
And my experience with some time series measurements was really about
this : small changes in the data rate, a slightly longer acquisition
period, and that's it !

(I shamefully confess I spent several hours writing *ad-hoc* Python
scripts full of regexps and generators just to fix various tiny details
of those CSV files... but in the end it worked !)

[1] I just quickly googled "one day at a time" for a reference and ended
up on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mythical_Man-Month

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