[Numpy-discussion] Test survey that I have been putting together

Pierre Haessig pierre.haessig@crans....
Fri Feb 24 07:29:17 CST 2012

Great idea !
What's the plan to spread the word about this survey ? Is it about
forwarding the link to friends and colleagues ?

Le 24/02/2012 01:20, Travis Oliphant a écrit :
> After you complete the survey, I would really appreciate any feedback on questions that could be improved, removed, or added. 
Q15 "Do you feel NumPy's existing feature set meets your needs?"
Yes/No binary answer -> I would like to answer something like "quite yes" !

In terms of features request, I saw the question about "which features
I'd be ready to pay for", and all those seemed pretty fancy advanced
functions that are out my personal simple use cases. (I guess this
relates to Continuum, is that right ? )

However, there are "simpler" features that I'd like to have, some being
under development now (like loadtxt & friends, datetime, NAs, ...) but
which are not mentioned in any question. Are these feature absent from
this survey on purpose ?


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