[Numpy-discussion] Test survey that I have been putting together

Hans-Martin v. Gaudecker hmgaudecker@gmail....
Fri Feb 24 07:49:02 CST 2012

> From: Travis Oliphant <travis@continuum.io>
> After you complete the survey, I would really appreciate any feedback on questions that could be improved, removed, or added.  

Hi Travis,

I didn't really get whom you mean by "they" in:

    5. What do they want you to be using (technologies, languages, libraries)?

Is that supposed to be getting back to 2. -- colleagues, coauthors? Or the organisation in 4.?

The cluster question is not really covering the use-case for many University users, I imagine. E.g. our cluster here has a large number of nodes, but it is shared among many users so I would hardly be able to use more than a few dozen nodes at a time. Maybe rephrase in terms of access?

And although I am aware that it might stir up some emotions on the list, adding "missing value support" to the desired features would be useful IMHO.


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