[Numpy-discussion] Creating a bool array with Cython

Keith Goodman kwgoodman@gmail....
Sat Feb 25 17:26:02 CST 2012

Is this a reasonable (and fast) way to create a bool array in cython?

    def makebool():
            int n = 2
            np.npy_intp *dims = [n]
            np.ndarray[np.uint8_t, ndim=1] a
        a = PyArray_EMPTY(1, dims, NPY_UINT8, 0)
        a[0] = 1
        a[1] = 0
        a.dtype = np.bool
        return a

Will a numpy bool array be np.uint8 on all platforms?

How can I do a.dtype=np.bool using the numpy C api? Is there any point
(speed) in doing so?

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