[Numpy-discussion] [Numpy] quadruple precision

Paweł Biernat pwl_b@wp...
Wed Feb 29 09:22:23 CST 2012

I am completely new to Numpy and I know only the basics of Python, to
this point I was using Fortran 03/08 to write numerical code. However,
I am starting a new large project of mine and I am looking forward to
using Python to call some low level Fortran code responsible for most
of the intensive number crunching. In this context I stumbled into
f2py and it looks just like what I need, but before I start writing an
app in mixture of Python and Fortran I have a question about numerical
precision of variables used in numpy and f2py.

Is there any way to interact with Fortran's real(16) (supported by gcc
and Intel's ifort) data type from numpy? By real(16) I mean the
binary128 type as in IEEE 754. (In C this data type is experimentally
supported as __float128 (gcc) and _Quad (Intel's icc).) I have
investigated the float128 data type, but it seems to work as binary64
or binary80 depending on the architecture. If there is currently no
way to interact with binary128, how hard would it be to patch the
sources of numpy to add such data type? I am interested only in
basic stuff, comparable in functionality to libmath.

As said before, I have little knowledge of Python, Numpy and f2py, I
am however, interested in investing some time in learing it and
implementing the mentioned features, but only if there is any hope of

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