[Numpy-discussion] Enum type

Ognen Duzlevski ognen@enthought....
Tue Jan 3 11:46:29 CST 2012


I am playing with adding an enum dtype to numpy (to get my feet wet in
numpy really). I have looked at the
https://github.com/martinling/numpy_quaternion and I feel comfortable
with my understanding of adding a simple type to numpy in technical

I am mostly a C programmer and have programmed in Python but not at
the level where my code wcould be considered "pretty" or maybe even
"pythonic". I know enums from C and have browsed around a few python
enum implementations online. Most of them use hash tables or lists to
associate names to numbers - these approaches just feel "heavy" to me.

What would be a proper "numpy approach" to this? I am looking mostly
for direction and advice as I would like to do the work myself :-)

Any input appreciated :-)

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