[Numpy-discussion] filling an alice of array of object with a reference to an object that has a __getitem__ method

"David Köpfer" dkoepfer@gmx...
Fri Jan 6 06:15:22 CST 2012

Dear numpy community,

I'm trying to create an array of type object.

A = empty(9, dtype=object)
A[ array(0,1,2) ] = MyObject(1)
A[ array(3,4,5) ] = MyObject(2)
A[ array(6,7,8) ] = MyObject(3)

This has worked well until MyObject has gotten an __getitem__ method. Now python (as it is usually supposed to) assigns A[0] to MyObject(1)[0], [1] to MyObject(1)[1] and so on. 

Is there any way to just get a reference of the instance of MyObject into every entry of the array slice? 

Thank you for any help on this problem

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