[Numpy-discussion] ANN: Numexpr 2.0 released

Francesc Alted faltet@gmail....
Sun Jan 8 04:47:26 CST 2012

Hi srean,

Sorry for being late answering, the latest weeks have been really
crazy for me.  See my comments below.

2011/12/13 srean <srean.list@gmail.com>:
> This is great news, I hope this gets included in the epd distribution soon.
> I had mailed a few questions about numexpr sometime ago. I am still
> curious about those. I have included the relevant parts below. In
> addition, I have another question. There was a numexpr branch that
> allows a "out=blah" parameer to build the output in place, has that
> been merged or its functionality incorporated ?

Yes, the `out` parameter is fully supported in 2.0 series, as well as
new `order` and `casting` ones.  These are fully documented in
docstrings in forthcoming 2.0.1, as well as in the new User's Guide
wiki page at:


Thanks for pointing this out!

> This goes without saying, but, thanks for numexpr.
> --  from old mail --
> What I find somewhat encumbering is that there is no single piece of
> document that lists all the operators and functions that numexpr can
> parse. For a new user this will be very useful There is a list in the
> wiki page entitled "overview" but it seems incomplete (for instance it
> does not describe the reduction operations available). I do not know
> enough to know how incomplete it is.

The reduction functions are just `sum()` and `prod()` and are fully
documented in the new User's Guide.

> Is there any plan to implement the reduction like enhancements that
> ufuncs provide: namely reduce_at, accumulate, reduce ? It is entirely
> possible that they are already in there but I could not figure out how
> to use them. If they aren't it would be great to have them.

No, these are not implemented, but we will gladly accept contributions ;)

Francesc Alted

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