[Numpy-discussion] [JOB] Extracting subset of dataset using latitude and longitude

Jeremy Lounds jlounds@dynamiteinc....
Fri Jan 13 15:56:59 CST 2012


I am looking for some help extracting a subset of data from a large dataset. The data is being read from a wgrib2 (World Meterological Organization standard gridded data) using the pygrib library.

The data values, latitudes and longitudes are in separate lists (arrays?), and I would like a regional subset.

The budget is not very large, but I am hoping that this is pretty simple job. I am just way too green at Python / numpy to know how to proceed, or even what to search for on Google.

If interested, please e-mail jlounds@dynamiteinc.com

Thank you!

Jeremy Lounds
1-877-762-7723, ext 711
Fax: 877-202-3014

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