[Numpy-discussion] Numpy Installation Problem on Redhat Linux

Hung-Hsuan Chen hhchen@psu....
Thu Jul 5 20:00:37 CDT 2012

Dear all,

I've built blas, lapack, and atlas libraries, as shown below.

$ ls ~/lib/atlas/lib/
libatlas.a  libcblas.a  libf77blas.a  liblapack.a  libptcblas.a  libptf77blas.a

The library location are specified by site.cfg file, as shown below.

library_dirs = /home/username/lib/atlas/lib
include_dirs = /home/username/lib/atlas/include

libraries = libf77blas, libcblas, libatlas

libraries = liblapack, libf77blas, libcblas, libatlas

I've tried to build numpy (version 1.6.2) by
$ python setup.py build --fcompiler=gnu

However, I got the following error message:
error: Command "/usr/bin/g77 -g -Wall -g -Wall -shared
-L/home/username/lib/ -L/usr/lib64 -Lbuild/temp.linux-x86_64-2.6
-lodepack -llinpack_lite -lmach -lblas -lpython2.6 -lg2c -o
build/lib.linux-x86_64-2.6/scipy/integrate/vode.so" failed with exit

I've searched internet for possible solutions whole day but don't have
any progress so far.  Anyone has any idea of how to fix this?  Thanks!

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