[Numpy-discussion] Option parsing: tox and test-installed-numpy.py

Chris Ball s0454615@sms.ed.ac...
Sun Jul 8 12:44:11 CDT 2012


When calling tools/test-installed-numpy.py
I can pass options to nose by supplying those options after "--", eg:
$ python tools/test-installed-numpy.py -- --with-xunit
(which passes "--with-xunit" to nose).

NumPy's tox.ini (https://github.com/numpy/numpy/blob/master/tox.ini)
uses tools/test-installed-numpy.py to run the tests. To pass options
to test-installed-numpy.py when calling tox, I can pass the options
after "--", eg:
$ tox -- -v
(which passes "-v" to test-installed-numpy.py).

However, what I want to do is supply an option to tox that gets all
the way through to nose! Is there a way I can do that, or do I need to
edit tools/test-installed-numpy.py to have an option corresponding to
nose's option?

I hope that makes sense to someone!


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