[Numpy-discussion] Buildbot status

Chris Ball s0454615@sms.ed.ac...
Sun Jul 8 17:44:18 CDT 2012

Stéfan van der Walt <stefan <at> sun.ac.za> writes:
> I'd like to find out what the current status of continuous integration
> is for numpy.  I'm aware of:
> a) http://buildbot.scipy.org -- used by Ralf for testing releases?
> b) http://travis-ci.org -- connected via GitHub
> c) -- dedicated Amazon EC2 with TeamCity
> d) http://build.pydata.org:8111/ -- dedicated Rackspace instance with TeamCity
> e) https://jenkins.shiningpanda.com/numpy/ -- python 2.4 on Debian

There's also:

f) https://jenkins.shiningpanda.com/scipy/ -- python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6,
2.7 on Debian 6
Could easily add: Windows 7 slave, and various other versions of
python (3, pypy, etc.).
Could also produce graphical test and coverage reports.

g) buildbot on the EC2
Currently only has one old, temporary linux test slave. Should work
with any available platform and python versions, but - in contrast to
shiningpanda - each new addition is a machine (or VM) that someone has
to volunteer and look after. Volunteer slaves would require tox and
virtualenv (in addition to numpy's requirements).

> I propose that we following a simple migration path for now: move the
> current buildbot onto the EC2 instance, redirect buildbot.scipy.org,
> and then connect the nipy build slaves.  This should require minimal
> effort, but provide us with fairly wide coverage until you can invest
> more time in Jenkins etc.

I'm happy to help connect slaves to the EC2 buildbot if someone sends
connection details to me.

Another thing to consider is where to send test results. Travis-CI
already comments on pull requests, which is great; the other solutions
could be set up to email a list (or even the individuals potentially
responsible for causing test failures).


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