[Numpy-discussion] New Python tool for searching maximum stable set of a graph

Dmitrey tmp50@ukr....
Sat Jul 14 06:16:53 CDT 2012

Hi all,

In the OpenOpt software (BSD-licensed, http://openopt.org ) we have
implemented new class - STAB - searching for maximum stable set of a

networkx graphs are used as input arguments. Unlike networkx
maximum_independent_set() we focus on searching for exact solution (this
is NP-Hard problem).

interalg or OpenOpt MILP solvers are used, some GUI features and stop
criterion (e.g. maxTime, maxCPUTime, fEnough) can be used. Optional
arguments are includedNodes and excludedNodes - nodes that have to be
present/absent in solution.

See http://openopt.org/STAB for details.

Future plans (probably very long-term although) include TSP and some
other graph problems.


Regards, Dmitrey.
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