[Numpy-discussion] Select-based median (in light of code freeze)

Mike Ressler mike.ressler@alum.mit....
Sun Jul 15 16:28:00 CDT 2012


A couple of years ago there was a flurry of work partially at my
instigation at SciPy 2009 to build a better median function based on a
select algorithm rather than a sort algorithm. It seemed that it had
progressed quite far, but the code in lib/function_base.py still uses
a sort. Has the select work been abandoned or could it be merged in
with a little spit-and-polish? (Or has it been and I'm just too naive
to have seen it?) It seemed that the work had gotten quite close to
release - I would hate to see it lost. (Not to mention I am greedy for
the speed-up.)




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