[Numpy-discussion] swig + numpy + variable length arrays

Andrew Nelson andyfaff@gmail....
Mon Jul 16 04:30:14 CDT 2012

Dear list,
I am trying to SWIG a C function with the signature:

void abelescalcall(long numcoefs, double *coefP, long npoints , double
*yP, double *xP);

numcoefs corresponds to the number of points in the coefP array.
npoints corresponds to the number of points in yP and xP arrays.

coefP and xP are inputs (IN_ARRAY1), yP is an output (ARGOUT_ARRAY1).

I have been trying to use the following input file:

%module reflect

    #include "myfitfunctions.h"

%include "numpy.i"

%init %{

%apply (long DIM1, double* IN_ARRAY1){(long numcoefs, double* coefP)}
%apply (long DIM1, double* ARGOUT_ARRAY1){(long len2, double* yP)}
%apply (long DIM1, double* IN_ARRAY1){(long len3, double *xP)}
%include "myfitfunctions.h"
%rename (abelescalcall) my_abeles;

%inline %{
my_abeles(long numcoefs, double* coefP, long len2, double* yP, long
len3, double *xP) {
	if (len2 != len3) {
        PyErr_Format(PyExc_ValueError, "Arrays of lengths (%d,%d)
given", len2, len3);
        return 0.0;
	abelescalcall(numcoefs, coefP, len2, yP, xP);

However, if I look at the wrapper code, and if I try to call
my_abeles, then I am asked for 6 parameters. I only want to supply two
numpy arrays - coefP and xP.

thanks for any help you are able to give. (I spent the whole afternoon
trying to get this bloomin thing to work).


Dr. Andrew Nelson


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