[Numpy-discussion] [SciPy-Dev] ANN: SciPy 0.11.0 release candidate 1

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Fri Jul 20 04:34:01 CDT 2012

> Hi,
> I am pleased to announce the availability of the first release candidate
> of
> SciPy 0.11.0. For this release many new features have been added, and over
> 120 tickets and pull requests have been closed. Also noteworthy is that
> the
> number of contributors for this release has risen to over 50. Some of the
> highlights are:
>   - A new module, sparse.csgraph, has been added which provides a number
> of
> common sparse graph algorithms.
>   - New unified interfaces to the existing optimization and root finding
> functions have been added.
> Sources and binaries can be found at
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/scipy/files/scipy/0.11.0rc1/, release
> notes are copied below.
> Please try this release candidate and report any problems on the scipy
> mailing lists.

Failure on Archlinux 64bit, Python 2.7.3, Numpy 1.6.1:

This is what I did:

mkvirtualenv --system-site-packages --distribute scipy_test_rc1
cd ~/.virtualenvs/scipy_test_rc1
mkdir src
wget -O src/scipy-0.11.0rc1.tar.gz
cd src
tar xzf scipy-0.11.0rc1.tar.gz
cd scipy-0.11.0rc1
python setup.py build
python setup.py install
python -c "import scipy; scipy.test('full')"

Running unit tests for scipy
NumPy version 1.6.1
NumPy is installed in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/numpy
SciPy version 0.11.0rc1
SciPy is installed in
Python version 2.7.3 (default, Apr 24 2012, 00:00:54) [GCC 4.7.0 20120414
nose version 1.1.2


FAIL: test_basic.TestNorm.test_stable
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nose/case.py", line 197, in runTest
line 585, in test_stable
    assert_almost_equal(norm(a) - 1e4, 0.5)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/numpy/testing/utils.py", line
468, in assert_almost_equal
    raise AssertionError(msg)
Arrays are not almost equal to 7 decimals
 ACTUAL: 0.0

FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=16, SKIP=42, failures=1)

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