[Numpy-discussion] Problems understanding histogram2d

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Fri Jul 20 10:11:30 CDT 2012


I have a problem using histogram2d:

   from numpy import linspace, histogram2d
   bins_x = linspace(-180., 180., 360)
   bins_y = linspace(-90., 90., 180)
   data_x = linspace(-179.96875, 179.96875, 5760)
   data_y = linspace(-89.96875, 89.96875, 2880)
   histogram2d(data_x, data_y, (bins_x, bins_y))

   AttributeError: The dimension of bins must be equal to the dimension of
the sample x.

I would expect histogram2d to return a 2d array of shape (360,180), which
is full of 256s. What am I missing here?


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