[Numpy-discussion] Segfault in mingw in test_arrayprint.TestComplexArray

Ondřej Čertík ondrej.certik@gmail....
Tue Jul 24 10:14:31 CDT 2012

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 11:51 AM, David Cournapeau <cournape@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 4:58 PM, Ondřej Čertík <ondrej.certik@gmail.com> wrote:
>> So I have tried the MinGW-5.0.3.exe in Wine, but it tries to install
>> from some wrong url and it fails to install.
>> I have unpacked the tarballs by hand into "~/.wine/drive_c/MinGW":
>> binutils-2.17.50-20070129-1.tar.gz
>> w32api-3.7.tar.gz
>> gcc-g77-3.4.5-20051220-1.tar.gz
>> gcc-g++-3.4.5-20051220-1.tar.gz
>> gcc-core-3.4.5-20051220-1.tar.gz
>> mingw-runtime-3.10.tar.gz
>> also in the same directory, I had to do:
>> cp ../windows/system32/msvcr90.dll lib/
> I think that's your problem right there. You should not need to do
> that, and doing so will likely result in having multiple copies of the
> DLL in your process (you can confirm with process dependency walker).
> This should be avoided at all cost, as the python C API is not
> designed to deal with this, and your crashes are pretty typical of
> what happens in those cases.

Ah, that could be it.

David, what version of binutils do you use?
I use 2.17.50 (https://github.com/certik/numpy-vendor)
and maybe that's the problem, that the objdump from there
can't read the msvcr library.

I use gcc 3.4.5. What exact version do you use in wine?

I always do rm -rf .wine and install things from scratch. Here is my script:


As you can see, it removes .wine and then installs things automatically.
This exact setup fails to build the msvcr library, and I have to copy
it manually on the line 51.

Ralf, David, I really appreciate your help --- I think I am very close to
having a working environment, but so far I didn't manage to install
numpy and pass all tests yet, so that's why I don't know what is normal
and what is not. Once I can reproduce the build at least once,
things will go much faster from there.


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