[Numpy-discussion] Github notifications and trac-to-github migration

Thouis (Ray) Jones thouis@gmail....
Tue Jul 24 16:46:37 CDT 2012


I would estimate I'm between a fourth and halfway through the
implementation of the trac-to-github-issues migration code.  The work
lives in at https://github.com/thouis/numpy-trac-migration , though
without a copy of the trac DB, it's not really possible to experiment
with it.  I haven't included the DB because of its size and potential
privacy issues.  My plan is to use this repository for testing.

One concern I have is that when issues are assigned or someone is
mentioned via @username, a notification will be sent (for the default
notifications settings).  I believe this is the case even for closed
issues.  My plan had been to add @user mentions for the reporter and
CCs listed in each trac issue, but there are other options:
- only add @users for open trac tickets, don't assign closed tickets
to their original owner,
- don't add any @users for reporter and CCs (though owners will be
notified when issues are assigned),
- a combination of the above.

I also thought it might be good to send a warning, via an issue on the
test repo with an @user for everyone that might be messaged in the
final transition, warning them of what's about to take place.

During testing, all @users will be replaced with something else, to
keep from flooding people with notifications during debugging.

Thank you for any feedback.

Ray Jones

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