[Numpy-discussion] Fwd: np.unique for one bi-dimensional array

Giuseppe Amatulli giuseppe.amatulli@gmail....
Wed Jul 25 09:31:41 CDT 2012


would like to identify unique pairs of numbers in two arrays o in one
bi-dimensional array, and count the observation


and obtain

I solved with tow loops but off course there will be a faster solution.

I was checking also

for np.unique but i did not find how to apply for a bi-dimensional array.
Concatenate the two arrays
a_concatenate=array([4_3,4_5,5_4,4_4,4_3,4_4]), then np.unique, then
split again.

Any other/faster solutions?
In bash I usually unique command
Thanks in advance
Giuseppe Amatulli
Web: www.spatial-ecology.net

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