[Numpy-discussion] Status of NumPy and Python 3.3

Stefan Krah stefan-usenet@bytereef....
Sun Jul 29 10:26:46 CDT 2012

Ond??ej ??ert??k <ondrej.certik@gmail.com> wrote:
> > This should be expected since the byte-swapped strings aren't valid.
> Exactly, I am aware that my solution is a hack. So is the Python 3.2
> solution, except that Python 3.2 doesn't seem to have
> the _PyUnicode_CheckConsistency() function, so no checks are done.
> As such, I think that my PR simply extends the numpy approach to Python 3.3.

Absolutely, I also think that using invalid Unicode strings in 3.2 looks kind
of hackish. -- Nothing wrong with your 3.3 implementation, it's the general
concept that I don't understand.

Stefan Krah

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