[Numpy-discussion] numpy arrays

bob tnur bobtnur78@gmail....
Fri Jun 8 10:04:29 CDT 2012

Hi every body!
I have a &b numpy arrays
a=np.loadtxt('çm1.txt',  dtype=np.float, skiprows=2,usecols=[1])
b=np.loadtxt('çm1.txt',  dtype=('x', np.float64),  skiprows=2,usecols=[2])

1. I want to save or write these two arrays and able to see the output as
output file, say cm1.out. what about if I have multiple files like
cm1.txt,cm2.txt,cm3.txt etc and to produce their corresponding outputs
cm1.out,cm2.out,cm3.out etc.

I appreciate your help
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