[Numpy-discussion] Data cube optimization for combination

Jose Miguel Ibáñez ppmime@gmail....
Tue Mar 6 06:00:38 CST 2012

Hello everyone,

does anyone know of an efficient implementation (maybe using
numpy.where statement) of the next code for data cube (3d array)
combining ?

import numpy as np

def combine( )

  cube = np.random.rand(32,2048,2048)
  result = np.zeros([2048,2048], np.float32)

   for ii in range(2048):
       for jj in range(2048):
            result[, ii, jj] = np.sqrt((cube[:,ii, jj])).sum()

It takes long time to run, however,

>> result = np.median(cube,0)

only around one second ! where is the point ? any suggestions ?

Thanks !

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