[Numpy-discussion] f2py and pygtk on windows

Sameer Grover sameer.grover.1@gmail....
Fri Mar 9 13:50:06 CST 2012

>>>import gtk
>>>import foo # where foo is any f2py-wrapped program

Subsequently, on exiting python interpreter, the interpreter crashes
with this error message - "This application has requested the Runtime
to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's
support team for more information."

Strangely enough, interchanging the order of the import statements,
i.e. importing the f2py wrapped program before gtk works fine.
Furthermore, each module works fine individually.

This is a windows-only problem. I'm using Windows 7, Python 2.7,
latest numpy, mingw32 compiler and the "pygtk all-in-one installer"
(mentioned on the pygtk download page).

This happens even for very simple fortran programs such as this one -
subroutine hello ()
    write(*,*)'Hello from Fortran90!!!'
end subroutine hello

I don't know whether the problem is with f2py or with gtk or with
python but maybe somebody can shed some light on this.

Sameer Grover

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