[Numpy-discussion] (2012) Accessing LAPACK and BLAS from the numpy C API

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Sat Mar 10 16:19:27 CST 2012

Den 10.03.2012 22:56, skrev Sturla Molden:
> I am not sure why NumPy uses f2c'd routines instead of a dependency on 
> BLAS and LAPACK like SciPy.

Actually, np.dot does depend on the CBLAS interface to BLAS (_dotblas.c).

But the lapack methods in lapack_lite seems to use f2c'd code. I am not 
sure if they will use an optimized BLAS or just link to f2c's BLAS in 

If the intention is to avoid Fortran dependency in NumPy, I am not sure 
why this is better than a dependency on CBLAS and LAPACKE.


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