[Numpy-discussion] Looking for people interested in helping with Python compiler to LLVM

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Sun Mar 11 18:21:27 CDT 2012

Den 11.03.2012 23:11, skrev Travis Oliphant:
> * Numba will be much closer to Cython in spirit than Unladen Swallow 
> (or PyPy) --- people who just use Cython for a loop or two will be 
> able to use Numba instead

This is perhaps the most important issue for scientific and algorithmic 

Not having to resort to Cython, C, C++ or Fortran to get decent 
performance for algorithmic code would be great.

It could also put Python/Numba high up on the Debian shootout ;-)

Or one could benchmark a pure Python version of timsort against the 
standard library.

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