[Numpy-discussion] Looking for people interested in helping with Python compiler to LLVM

Olivier Delalleau shish@keba...
Mon Mar 12 12:29:10 CDT 2012

One major difference is that Theano doesn't attempt to parse existing
Python (byte)code: you need to explicitly code with the Theano syntax
(which tries to be close to Numpy, but can end up looking quite different,
especially if you want to control the program flow with loops and ifs for

A potentially interesting avenue would be to parse Python (byte)code to
generate a Theano graph. It'd be nice if numba could output some
intermediate information that would represent the computational graph being
compiled, so that Theano could re-use it directly :) (probably much easier
said than done though)

-=- Olivier

Le 12 mars 2012 12:57, Till Stensitzki <mail.till@gmx.de> a écrit :

> Doesent Theano does the same, only via GCC compilation?
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