[Numpy-discussion] Inconsistent type name formatting.

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris@gmail....
Sat Mar 24 15:17:07 CDT 2012


In [40]: array([1, 2], dtype('>l')).dtype
Out[40]: dtype('>i8')

In [41]: array([1, 2], dtype('<l')).dtype
Out[41]: dtype('int64')

In [42]: array([1, 2], dtype('>q')).dtype
Out[42]: dtype('>i8')

In [43]: array([1, 2], dtype('<q')).dtype
Out[43]: dtype('int64')

In [44]: array([1, 2], dtype('>M8[D]')).dtype
Out[44]: dtype('>M8[D]')

In [45]: array([1, 2], dtype('<M8[D]')).dtype
Out[45]: dtype('<M8[D]')

I rather like the '>i8' form with '<' if appropriate, although it's
probably a bit late to do anything about it. The datetime requires a patch
to generate the swapped form. Long term, it might be good to strive for
consistency. Thoughts?

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