[Numpy-discussion] different percentile implementations ?

Pierre Haessig pierre.haessig@crans....
Wed Mar 28 04:44:41 CDT 2012

Le 27/03/2012 18:56, josef.pktd@gmail.com a écrit :
> similar to std, var, histogram, ... some functions from scipy.stats
> are now in numpy.
Ok, historical reasons then. Fair enough.
Would a "See also: numpy.percentile" make sense in stats.scoreatpercentile ?
> However, in contrast to std, var, I think scoreatpercentile should be
> enhanced and not removed (similar to histogram), for example my
> attempt:
> http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/ticket/1329
I'm not sure I completely understood what was involved in your ticket.

The overall impression I felt is :
  * for a lot of statistical computations, it is not possible and/or
desirable to have the same code for "regular array" and for
"masked/nans/... arrays".
  * However, it would be possible to have the same api, that is : put
all the entry points in scipy.stats instead of having scipy.stats.mstats
as a separate api. Did I understand you correctly ?


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