[Numpy-discussion] ZeroRank memmap behavior?

Wim Bakker spitskip@gmail....
Mon Sep 24 09:25:59 CDT 2012

Thanks Sebastian. Casting it to an array would certainly help.

Another oddity of zero-ranked scalars is that they look iterable, but in
fact are not. Because all they do is generate an error.

>>> a = np.array(22)

Test if iterable:

>>> hasattr(a, __iter__)


>>> import collections
>>> isinstance(a, collections.Iterable)

>>> for e in a:
print e
TypeError: iteration over a 0-d array

Wouldn't it be better to have a different type altogether for numpy
scalars? Because scalars don't seem to quack quite like arrays...
(I haven't been following the discussion around scalars, so if this is a
silly remark just ignore it)

Another question. What would be the preferred method of testing for
zero-ranked array?
Something like this?

>>> if a.shape:
print "array"
print "scalar"


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