[Numpy-discussion] Please stop bottom posting!!

Dag Sverre Seljebotn d.s.seljebotn@astro.uio...
Thu Apr 4 01:53:15 CDT 2013

On 04/04/2013 12:00 AM, Chris Barker - NOAA Federal wrote:
> OK, OK, I know the fashion is to blast people with "please don't top
> post" messages -- it seems to have invaded all the mailing lists I'm
> on.
> But I don't get it.
> Most of us have threaded mail readers these days, so is it so hard to
> follow a thread?

Fine if you say A, then I say B, then you say C, and so on. As in "where 
should we go for lunch on Friday".

But technical discussions are often not like that -- it's more you say 
A, B, C, then in response I say D, E, F. Then it helps A LOT if there's 
an easy convention for recording that D is in response to A, E in 
response to B, and F in response to C.

With top-posting I'm forced to write "With respect to what you write 
about the GIL issues, ...". Bleh. In fact, in deep technical threads 
it's very difficult for me to write top-posting at all, which is why I 
get so irritated when people switch to it.

Dag Sverre

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