[Numpy-discussion] Time Zones and datetime64

Daniele Nicolodi daniele@grinta....
Wed Apr 10 12:18:07 CDT 2013

On 10/04/2013 18:55, Riccardo De Maria wrote:
> The library should handle correctly leap seconds, otherwise using unix time
> as a floating point number is already sufficient for many applications.

Please define what you mean by "handle correctly leap seconds". As leap
seconds are not predictable there is no way to correctly convert from a
date and time representation representing a point in time in the future
to a representation of number of seconds since an epoch on a TAI
timebase. Either we forbid the (number of seconds since TAI epoch) to
and from (date and time representation) for times in the future or I
don't know ho to leap seconds may be correctly handled.

> Did you have a look to  http://cr.yp.to/libtai.html?

This library looks outdated. It does not list the leap second insertion
occurred in 2012.


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