[Numpy-discussion] Raveling, reshape order keyword unnecessarily confuses index and memory ordering

srean srean.list@gmail....
Tue Apr 16 17:44:27 CDT 2013

As one lurker to another, thanks for calling it out.

Over-argumentative, and personality centric threads like these have
actually led me to distance myself from the numpy community. I do not know
how common it is now because I do not follow it closely anymore. It used to
be quite common at one point in time. I came down to check after a while,
and lo there it is again.

If a mail is put forward as a question "i find this confusing, is it
confusing for you", it ought not to devolve into a shouting match atop
moral high-horses "so you think I am stupid do you?  too smart are you ?
how dare you express that it doesnt bother you as much when it bothers me
and my documented case of 4 people. I have four, how many do you have"

If something is posed as a question one should be open to the answers.
Sometimes it is better not to pose it a question at all but offer
alternatives and ask for preference.

I am not siding with any of the technical options provided, just requesting
that the discourse not devolve into these personality oriented contests. It
gets too loud and noisy.

Thank you

On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 12:18 PM, matti picus <matti.picus@gmail.com> wrote:

> as a lurker, may I say that this discussion seems to have become
> non-productive?
> It seems all agree that docs needs improvement, perhaps a first step would
> be to suggest doc improvements, and then the need for renaming may become
> self-evident, or not.
> aww darn, ruined my lurker status.
> Matti Picus
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