[Numpy-discussion] KeepDims flag?

Sebastian Berg sebastian@sipsolutions....
Sun Apr 21 05:59:33 CDT 2013


just something that has been spooking around in my mind. Considering
that matrix indexing does not really support fancy indexing, I was
wondering about introducing a KeepDims flag. Maybe it is not worth it,
at least not unless other subclasses could make use of it, too. And a
big reason for it being not worth the trouble is probably that you could
not use it inside the current matrix class because it would i.e. break
workarounds for ufunc reductions (like np.multiply.reduce(a, axis=1).T,
as the .T would be unnecessary).

Such a flag could only be set (not unset) and never be set on base class
arrays (basically it should be set by array_finalize). If set it would
toggle ufunc reductions to always use keepdims (unless the reduction is
to a scalar, maybe). And the same thing for indexing (meaning that some
fancy indices and np.newaxis would just error out), though axes added by
broadcasting should be caught by the subclass itself.

That way, a matrix-like class would normally have a 1:1 mapping of old
to new axes (even if they might be transposed or elements arbitrarily
shuffled), and does not have to do magic to guess where to add the
missing one (instead the magic is done in the core, where it is actually
easier to implement).

Anyway, as I never use matrix I personally have no real use for it, but
I thought I would throw the thought out there. For starters one might
rather think about something specific to indexing.



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