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Wed Apr 24 13:43:42 CDT 2013


This is for all students planning to put in a GSoC'13 application for
Numpy/Scipy. As you probably noticed, you are now able to submit your
application in Melange. We're participating under the PSF org. Terri Oda,
who is the PSF organizer, sent out the below announcement with tips and
requirements as well as a helpful application template - please read those.

When you have a draft proposal ready, I suggest you
  a) submit it already, since you can edit it later
  b) discuss it on the numpy-discussion or scipy-dev list

If you haven't submitted a pull request yet, it's a good idea to do so asap
- getting your first patch merged may be nontrivial and require some
rework, so don't wait till the last day! Of all the requirements, I want to
stress that discussing your proposal and interacting with the community is
especially important. Not only will it help improve your proposal, it is
also something we will pay attention to when ranking the proposals. Reason:
it's a good predictor of the success of your project, both in terms of
code/features contributed and of whether you're interested and likely to
stay involved after GSoC ends. The latter is at least as important to us as
the former.


P.S. I will be offline from April 25th to 29th.

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From: Terri Oda <terri@zone12.com>
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Subject: [Soc2013-general] Student Application Template (Applications start
April 22!)
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As hopefully all of you are aware, student applications to GSoC will be
opening April 22 19:00 UTC (tomorrow to me) and closing May 3rd. I highly
recommend that you all submit applications early -- you can modify them up
until the final deadline.  Google will not extend the deadline for any
reason, including technical problems with the melange system (which have
been known to happen at the last minute in the past), so the sooner you can
get an application in the better!

We have a template to help you prepare your application with the PSF:


Your sub-organizations may have additional requirements; ask them if
there's any extra information they need from you.

Please note a few things we ask for that are not always required by other
*  We do require students to blog about their projects, so you will need to
set up a GSoC blog for weekly status updates and any other thoughts you
wish to record about your project.

* We do require students to submit a link to some sort of code sample,
preferably a patch to the sub-org to which you are applying.  Talk to your
mentors if you're uncertain what would be appropriate.

* Don't forget to put the name of your sub-organization (e.g. OpenHatch,
MNE-Python) into the title of your application.

If you're not sure about how to write a good proposal, ask your prospective
mentors: they're the ones who will be deciding if they hire you or not, so
they get the final word as to what a good proposal looks like for them.


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