[Numpy-discussion] GSoC proposal -- Numpy SciPy

Blake Griffith blake.a.griffith@gmail....
Tue Apr 30 14:19:43 CDT 2013

Hello, I'm writing a GSoC proposal, mostly concerning SciPy, but it
involves a few changes to NumPy.
The proposal is titled: Improvements to the sparse package of Scipy:
support for bool dtype and better interaction with NumPy
and can be found on my GitHub:

Basically, I want to change the ufunc class to be aware of SciPy's sparse
matrices. So that when a ufunc is passed a sparse matrix as an argument, it
will dispatch to a function in the sparse matrix package, which will then
decide what to do. I just wanted to ping NumPy to make sure this is
reasonable, and I'm not totally off track. Suggestions, feedback
and criticism welcome.

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