[Numpy-discussion] ANN: matplotlib 1.3.0 released

Russell E. Owen rowen@uw....
Thu Aug 1 13:53:55 CDT 2013

In article <51FAA3AB.6020506@stsci.edu>,
 Michael Droettboom <mdroe@stsci.edu> wrote:

> On behalf of a veritable army of super coders, I'm pleased to announce 
> the release of matplotlib 1.3.0.
>   Downloads
> Downloads are available here:
> <http://matplotlib.org/downloads.html>http://matplotlib.org/downloads.html
> as well as through |pip|. Check with your distro for when matplotlib 
> 1.3.0 will become packaged for your environment.
> (Note: Mac .dmg installers are still forthcoming due to some issues with 
> the new installation approach.)
>   Important known issues
> matplotlib no longer ships with its Python dependencies, including 
> dateutil, pytz, pyparsing and six. When installing from source or |pip|, 
> |pip| will install these for you automatically. When installing from 
> packages (on Linux distributions, MacPorts, homebrew etc.) these 
> dependencies should also be handled automatically. The Windows binary 
> installers do not include or install these dependencies.

An unofficial Mac binary is available from here:

Known issues:
- This may break existing installations of pytz and python-dateutil 
(especially if those were installed by the matplotlib 1.2.1 Mac binary 
installer). For safety, reinstall those after installing matplotlib.
- Like the Windows binaries, it does not include pytz, python-dateutil, 
six or pyparsing. You will have to install those manually (e.g. with pip 
or easy_install).
- Much of the test code is missing, for unknown reasons. Thus I was not 
able to run most of its unit tests.

So...use at your own risk. At this point I have no idea if or when there 
will be an official Mac binary installer. I'm afraid I don't have time 
to track down the issues right now.

-- Russell

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