[Numpy-discussion] NumPy-Discussion Digest, Vol 83, Issue 3

Graeme B. Bell grb@skogoglandskap...
Mon Aug 5 03:15:10 CDT 2013


Thanks very much for investigating this and fixing it. Your patch works perfectly for me. :) 

Runtests.py now automatically uses "NumPy version 1.8.0.dev-af12c09". 
The only comment I have is that the line number patched was different on my copy (line 192).

Perhaps we can add  "run  'python runtest.py'" to the development workflow page, to guide new contributors? 


> Thanks, the issue seems to be due to some patch Fedora applied to its 
> Python version. The fix seems to be to change on line 234 in runtests.py 
> the line
>      site_dir = get_python_lib(prefix=dst_dir)
> to
>      site_dir = get_python_lib(prefix=dst_dir, plat_specific=True)

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