[Numpy-discussion] Optimize removing nan-values of dataset

Thomas Goebel Thomas.Goebel@th-nuernberg...
Wed Aug 14 03:38:38 CDT 2013

* On 13/08/2013 23:32, David Reed wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Your array is Nx6 do you want the nan values replace by the
> mean of the 2 adjacent elemets by row or by column?

Hi David,

i want it to be replaced by column.

I also found numpy.interp but this function replaces all nan
values at the beginning/end of array which should be omitted.

As an example:
y = np.array([nan, nan, 1, 2, 3, nan, nan, 4, nan, 5, nan, nan])
nans = np.isnan(y)

Only the values y[5:7] and y[8] should be replaced. Is it
possible to set nans[0:2] and nans[-2:] to False with something
like nans.startswith nans.endswith?

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