[Numpy-discussion] Upcoming 1.8 release.

Chris Barker - NOAA Federal chris.barker@noaa....
Thu Aug 15 17:26:38 CDT 2013

On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 12:31 PM, Matthew Brett <matthew.brett@gmail.com> wrote:

>>> I'm afraid I don't understand the discussion on timezones in
>>> datetime64, but I have the impression that those who do think it needs
>>> an urgent decision and some action for the short term.  Is that right,
>>> datetimers?
>>> If that's so, and there are worthwhile changes that are practical in
>>> the next few weeks, it seems reasonable to wait.

Well, it's only "urgent" in the sense that there are indeed a couple
small changes that would really help, and if we don't use a release to
motivate us, when will we it ever get done?

But it'll still take someone to do it -- I'm afraid it's out of my
depth to do so.

There is a chance that Mark W. or Travis O. could do it, but it does
seem unlikely that they'll find the time in the next week or two, so I
guess we'll put it off, and keep the "experimental" label on there.

>> My impression is that we will have something for 1.9. If it comes in for
>> 1.8, fine.

I sure hope we can at least get the "rip out the ugly default I/O TZ
behavior" fix in time for 1.9. Whether something more ambitious can be
done, we'll have to see.

> OK - then I guess you are saying it is up you, our datetimer friends,
> to make a proposal and timetable and implementation, if y'all think it
> can be done in the next few weeks,

Yup -- if anyone wants to pipe up and offer to do it, speak now or
forever hold your piece.



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