[Numpy-discussion] What is a numpy.long type?

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Fri Aug 23 10:58:39 CDT 2013

On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 8:11 AM, Sebastian Berg
<sebastian@sipsolutions.net> wrote:
>> So this is giving us a 64 bit int--not a bad compromise, but not a
>> python long--I've got to wonder why the alias is there at all.
> It is there because you can't remove it :).

sure we could -- not that we'd want to....

>> So while np.long is an alias to python long--it apparently is
>> translated internally as 64 bit -- everywhere?
> Not sure how a python long is translated...

The big mystery!

> An np.int_ is a platform long, since the python ints are C longs. It is
> a bit weird naming, but it is transparent. Check
> http://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy-dev/reference/arrays.scalars.html#built-in-scalar-types

cool, thanks.

> you got everything platform dependend there really. `intc` is an int,
> `int_` is a long, and you got `longlong`, as well as `intp` which is an
> ssize_t, etc.

great, thanks. That's helpful.



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