[Numpy-discussion] numpy dot returns [nan nan nan]

Tom Bennett tom.bennett@mail.zyzhu....
Sat Aug 24 12:13:52 CDT 2013

Hi All,

I have two arrays, A and B.A is 3 x 100,000 and B is 100,000. If I do
np.dot(A,B), I get [nan, nan, nan].

However, np.any(np.isnan(A))==False and np.any(no.isnan(B))==False. And
also np.seterr(all='print') does not print anything.

I am not wondering what is going on and how to avoid.

In case it is important, A and B are from the normal equation of doing
regression. I am regressing 100,000 observations on 3 100,000 long factors.

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