[Numpy-discussion] Dealing with the mode argument in qr.

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Wed Feb 6 08:44:07 CST 2013

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 4:23 PM, Charles R Harris

> Hi All,
> This post is to bring the discussion of PR #2965<https://github.com/numpy/numpy/pull/2965>to the attention of the list. There are at least three issues in play here.
> 1) The PR adds modes 'big' and 'thin' to the current modes 'full', 'r',
> 'economic' for qr factorization. The problem is that the current 'full' is
> actually 'thin' and 'big' should be 'full'. The solution here was to raise
> a FutureWarning on use of 'full', alias it to 'thin' for the time being,
> and at some distant time change 'full' to alias 'big'.
> 2) The 'economic' mode serves little purpose. I propose to deprecate it
> and add a 'qrf' mode instead, corresponding to scipy's 'raw' mode. We can't
> use 'raw' itself as traditionally the mode may be specified using the first
> letter only and that leads to a conflict with 'r'.
> 3) As suggested in 2, the use of single letter abbreviations can constrain
> the options in choosing mode names and they are not as informative as the
> full name. A possibility here is to deprecate the use of the abbreviations
> in favor of the full names.
> A longer term problem is the divergence between the numpy and scipy
> versions of qr. The divergence is enough that I don't see any easy way to
> come to a common interface, but that is something that would be desirable
> if possible.
> Thoughts?
> Chuck
I would definitely be in favor of deprecating abbreviations.

And while we are on the topic of mode names,
scipy.ndimage.filters.percentile_filter() has modes of 'mirror' and
'reflect', and I don't see any documentation stating if they are the same,
or what are different about them.  I just came across this yesterday.

Ben Root
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