[Numpy-discussion] Dealing with the mode argument in qr.

Bradley M. Froehle brad.froehle@gmail....
Wed Feb 6 14:38:10 CST 2013

> This would be a problem imho. But I don't see why you can't add "raw" to
>> numpy's qr. And if you add "big" and "thin" in numpy, you can add those
>> modes in scipy too.
> Currently I've used bfroehle's suggestions, although I'm tempted by 'thin'
> instead of 'reduced'

Thin sounds fine to me.  Either way I think we need to clean up the
docstring to make the different calling styles more obvious.  Perhaps we
can just add a quick list of variants:
q, r = qr(a) # q is m-by-k, r is k-by-n
q, r = qr(a, 'thin')  # same as qr(a)
q, r = qr(a, 'complete') # q is m-by-n, r is n-by-n
   r = qr(a, 'r') # r is ....
a2  = qr(a, 'economic') # r is contained in the upper triangular part of a2
a2, tau = qr(a, 'raw') # ...

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