[Numpy-discussion] Any plans for windows 64-bit installer for 1.7?

Chris Barker - NOAA Federal chris.barker@noaa....
Thu Feb 7 14:29:45 CST 2013

On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 11:38 AM, Matthew Brett <matthew.brett@gmail.com> wrote:
> a) If we cannot build Scipy now, it may or may not be acceptable to
> release numpy now.  I think it is, you (Ralf) think it isn't, we
> haven't discussed that.  It may not come up.

Is anyone suggesting we hold the whole release for this? I fnot, then
why would you say we shouldnt' put out a 64 bit Windows numpy binary
because we dont' ahve a matching Scipy one? folks that need Scipy will
have to find a way to built it  themselves anyway, and folks that use
numpy without scipy would have a nice binary to use -- That seems like
value-added to me.

> d) It may or may not be acceptable to add the DLL directory to the
> PATH on numpy import.  David says not, Christophe disagrees, we
> haven't really discussed that.

I like the "load them with ctypes" approach better, but I don't know
how much effort it would be to implement that.

I'm still not totally clear if there is an issue with buildings other
extensions tht rely on numpy/scipy -- can they be built with mingGW if
numpy/scipy were built with MSVC (Or any other compiler for that



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